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Sandwich Assembly Equipment

Traditional sandwich assembly is labour intensive, involves food contamination risks and lack of control of sandwich contents. Sandwich assembly machine installation can significantly reduce these issues.

Equipment available incudes an assembly conveyor with a continuous CIP system, sliced bread denesting, bread buttering machines and a sandwich topping applicator for depositing sauces and fillings such as tuna salad and egg mayonnaise.


Meat, cheese and tomatoes can be sliced and applied by Slicer/Applicators directly onto the bread as it moves along the assembly conveyor after passing under the bread buttering machines and sandwich topping applicators.


There is room on the conveyor for hand placing lettuce or other fillings not able to be placed mechanically. The completed sandwich is then oriented and cut diagonally ready to be loaded into the packing.


Follow the link below for more details of the sandwich assembly machine range and contact us via email or by telephone to discuss your requirements for bread buttering machines and a sandwich topping applicator machines.


Bread Denesting / Buttering / Slicing & Application / Diagonal slicing.

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