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Model 1133

10/23: CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - Please contact us to pre-order


Naturally wood smoke meat, poultry, fish & vegetables.  The mouth watering aroma is irresistible to customers.

Smoke and Steam Cook your own ham, bacon and small goods. Roast lamb, beef, pork, chicken and vegetables.  Bake pies, pizzas and pastries.

Ideal for Home Ready Meals!


Capacity up to approximately 120kg of heavy meat cuts.


Air circulation fan powered by a 370 Watt motor passes the air over the heating elements for  fast heat-up and long element life.

Internal and external cabinet constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel.

Temperature range to 200°C

Store up to 100 user-set drying/smoking cooking programs.

User controlled cooking and steam generation maximises product yield and reduces cooking time.

Automatic product showering.  


Built-in cleaning assistance program.


Able to be programmed for a delayed start, to take advantage of off-peak power tariffs.


Double glazed, natural air cooled product inspection window, internal viewing light.

Power:  3 Phase, 11kW, 20A
Meat capacity:  120kg
Loading method:  By Hand
Operating Temperature:  200°C

Outside Dimensions:

Width:  800mm
Depth:  830mm
Height:  2065mm


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