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Model 2350


The Smo-King Ovens model 2350 Smoke Oven is a purpose-designed true trolley loaded smoke oven which provides easy loading and unloading of the trolley. The perfect choice of smoke ovens for high value-added specialty products!

  • Capacity up to approximately 340Kg of heavy meat cuts.

  • Air circulation is provided by a two speed fan powered by a 2.2kW motor which passes air over the heating elements for fast heat up, efficient drying and long element life.

  • Internal and external cabinet constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel.

  • Air inlet and outlet vent dampers provide airflow control for drying, smoking and cooking.

  • Temperature range to 160° C with a 200° C option for baking and roasting.

  • Programmable food core temperature probe for food safety without overcooking.

  • Smoke generator built into the oven door provides dense smoke, control and safety.

  • Stainless steel trolley with 24 smoke sticks included.

  • Stores up to 100 user-set drying/smoking/cooking programs.

  • User controlled cooking steam generation maximises product yield and reduces cooking time.

  • Automatic product showering.

  • Built-in cleaning assistance system.

  • Able to be programmed for a delayed start to take advantages of off peak power tariffs.

    Meat Capacity: 340kg
    Loading Method: Trolley
    Operating Temperature: 160 / 200 C

    Outside Dimensions:
    Width: 1230mm
    Depth: 1290mm
    Height: 2185m

SmoKing Oven Model 2350.png
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