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The Smo-King Ovens Range

Smo-King Ovens have been designing and manufacturing food smokers in Australia for eighteen years and have almost two thousand installed in a variety of commercial food processing businesses. Our smoke ovens have been specially designed to provide small to medium businesses with equipment to suit their food smoking requirements.


Retail butchers requiring smokehouses have selected our equipment to improve their sales and profit by offering value added products. Products include smallgoods, fish, poultry, roast meat, vegetables, pies and dried food.


As well as by retail butchers, our smokehouses are used by smallgoods manufacturers, restaurants, specialty food processors and fish processors for a wide variety of food processing.


We also offer a range of special purpose food equipment for meat and poultry processing, frozen pizza manufacturing, bakery product processing, sandwich assembly, vegetable processing and American style BBQ.


Follow the links for full details of the range of smoke ovens for hot and cold smoking and cooking and other food equipment and contact us through our website, by email or telephone to discuss your requirements.


Smo-King Oven Model 1133


Smo-King Oven Model 2350

American Cookshack Range 


Fast Eddy's by Cookshack


Fast Eddy's by Cookshack



Cookshack SmartSmoker



Cookshack SmartSmoker


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