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Poultry Processing Equipment

We have an extensive range of poultry processing machinery designed to produce retail presentation quality products while providing a high yield for processors operating in competitive markets.


The counter rotating poultry plucking machines are plucking machines designed to remove the greatest volume of feathers without damaging birds.

Cone line boning combined with labour-saving equipment such as on-line wing segmenting, breast skinning and tenderloin tendon cutting provides the highest yield while reducing labour costs.


The on-line wing segmenting equipment provides an anatomical separation of the tip and drumette from the mid-wing to reduce bone chips.

Follow the links for full details of the poultry processing machinery range and contact us on, by email or by phone to discuss your poultry processing machinery requirements.


Gas stunning




Brine injecting


Slaughtering, plucking, offal screening, evisceration, water filtration and reuse, cut-up, breast deboning, wing segmentation, skinning, portion control, material handling, overhead conveyer line parts.


Yield control management weighing and bag filling.

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