Bakery Equipment Supplies

Smo-King are Bakery Equipment Suppliers able to offer a bread roll cutter and paper interleaving equipment which can reduce the labour cost when processing a wide range of bakery products.

A special purpose bread roll cutter can slice bread rolls and buns used for applications such as sandwich making or garlic bread preparation. Other slicers can slice bread products and target into trays for further processing such as the baking of bagel chips.


Paper interleaving equipment will place a paper or other interleaving film between individual bakery products, count the products to build a stack and load into a tray. Underleaving equipment is also available to place a film beneath individual products.


Follow the links below for further details on the wide range of bakery equipment available from our Suppliers, then contact us via email or telephone to allow us to discuss equipment suited to your specific application.


Slicing rolls & buns.


Interleaving and stacking equipment.